I want to break free

Free from best practices, I don't need youuuuuuu

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I saw a great post on Linkedin recently.

It was written by the always incredible and insightful Val Geisler. She wrote about how most best practices don’t work for her because of the industry she’s working in. Because of course, when you’re dealing with children and families, everything is highly regulated to make sure no one gets hurt.

That means there are things you can and can’t say, a lot of review from legal, and strategies that you are unable to employ. What does this mean for best practices? Well, they don’t work.

And honestly? No matter your industry, you shouldn’t necessarily tie yourself to best practices, either.

Now, here me out. I’m not saying to never follow best practices, they exist for a reason! I just think we need to question things sometimes. It’s why answers almost always begins with “it depends…” instead of something definitive, and why we always say “run the test and found out”.

Your audience is different from my audience’s, which is different from the next email list’s audience, which is why we need to do the work to figure out how subscribers engage. Don’t forget — best practices are simply the average of everyone else.

Think about your email program. What can you do to break outside the box? Is there an experiment you can run? Have you ever done something outside of best practices and have it work? I’d love to hear about it.

An email dev tip!

Did you know interactive email works on outlook dot com!? I got on a call recently with Jay Oram of ActionRocket and he walked me through some code. It’s super easy! Usually we’re used to using radio inputs for our interactive emails, but outlook dot com instead uses a checkbox input and makes your entire label clickable. Switch to that and target your adjacent div that you want to show, and voila! interactive email in outlook dot com. Can’t be as fancy as Apple or Amp for Email, but it’s something!

Random recommendation

Anime fans! You have to watch A Sign of Affection. Every week is a ball of cute romance as you watch these two college students fall in love. It’s incredibly sweet and a good escape from the world.

I’m BEGGING someone to watch it and talk to me about it. So, please watch and email me back so we can gush together. I think my husband is tired of me recapping every episode!

Alright email fam, that’s all for this month.

Catch ya on the flipside,

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