it depends, Email Camp edition

Hi! Hello! If it’s your first time here, welcome to my little newsletter. Come have a cuppa and let’s rant about email marketing and stuff. If you feel moved, I’d be grateful if you shared this issue with people you know!

Welp, here we are, it's October, and I've neglected this newsletter for two months. To be fair, things have been busy! Between the kid's birthday party, Email Camp, husband's birthday party, COVID (I'm okay), and a new puppy (doggo number 3), I think I've had enough excitement to last through the end of the year!

ANYWHO! You're here for email, not dog photos. This month you get a quick hit of what I've been up to, an ICYMI edition, if you will.

Email Camp stuff, mostly!

Usually virtual conferences suck, and it's safe to say that Email Camp is not one of them. There were some fantastic talks on day one and two, and my friend and coworker Thomas Knieren put together a killer road trip playlist (you'll want to play it on your next long ride, trust me on this one!)

If you missed out, you can view the sessions right on the Mailjet website!

I created my first interactive email. I hope to make a "how I did it" video at some point. This was ridiculously challenging for me, and I learned a lot. Big shoutouts to Mark Robbins and Jay Oram for setting me straight on a few things. Check out the loom to see how it works!

This is a summary of my first keynote, which is incredible! I'm super honored to give this talk with Avi Goldman. We go over email design systems, the problems we face today, and how to get started (hint: get a team together and just get going). Maybe next month I'll talk about what went into creating my first email design system.

If you're interested, give the talk a watch, and let me know what you think!

Not to be outdone by a keynote, I got to wrap up the entire conference with my first live show! I couldn't have asked for better guests than Anne Tomlin and Shani Nestingen. We had a great conversion and actually went over our session time! My manager described listening to the session like being a fly on the wall while the email devs talked it out.