A collective scream.

I wish I could write about email this month. I have a newsletter in progress about some HTML stuff, but it has to wait.

edit to this issue: after hitting send, I realized that I exclusively used the word women here, when this obviously affects anyone who can give birth. I'm sorry for the error and oversight, and I'm amending the issue below to be reflective of the larger community of those who can give birth.

I always struggle with this newsletter on how much to wade outside email marketing. It's my newsletter, I can write whatever I want one side of me says. How much more needs to be said on some of these current events!? Another part screams, stop adding to the trauma, people need a reprieve sometimes! Can't you just provide that reprieve?

I'm not anywhere near an expert on the abortion justice movement.

I can tell you that, on a whole, those with uteruses in your life are not okay. Even though we knew this was coming. It still hurts, a lot. It hurts as we follow through on family and friend obligations. It hurts as we need to keep working, to fuel this capitalist machine.

This weekend I felt much of nothing except sadness, anger, exhaustion, despair. I hugged my daughter a lot and told her I love her, as I do each day, and thought about how this country is failing her.

I'd like to replace some of those feelings with hope, and action.

And I hope you'll join me. I've rounded up some resources on things you can do right now.

When you're trying to figure out what to do, please remember that there are organizations in the reproductive justice space already doing the work. Do not try to do your own thing. You are likely not trained up to know what to do. Do not post the "going camping" memes that are going around everywhere. It's dangerous and it's irresponsible. Follow the leads of the experts, they've been preparing for SCOTUS to reverse Roe v. Wade for a long time.

Hopefully back to email next month. Stay safe.